As many developers, I like listening to music during my development session to create a “focus bubble”. And once in a while I search for new playlists to this purpose, here are my latests findings in coding play list:

Let’s start with an excellent set of resources from co-labs, who asked Facebook’s paper, AirBnB, Pinterest, Snapchat and Spotify about what their teams were listening to when coding (these are Spotify play lists): What Engineers At Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Airbnb, And Spotify Listen To While Coding.

Next, two reddit threads with lots of proposals and play lists:

Finally, if you don’t want music but you find your workspace too silent, there are two « background sounds generator », that make you feel in a specific ambience (coffee shop, raining day, etc.). Which, according to studies, increases your productivity.

  • a coffee noises generator (with many options: number of people, time of the day, etc.)
  • coffee sounds, but also waves, birds and many others. The cool stuff is you can mix sounds together (and have coffee shop sounds on a seashore with birds tweeting).

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